Oct 20, 2011

Social Entrepreneurship Summit

Time sure flies! It’s been a little over a month since the first bottles of Heart Juice hit the shelves so we would like to update you on our progress. As of now, 75 stores carry Heart Juice in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. It’s amazing the support we’ve gotten from stores and customers. Really can’t thank you guys enough!

We’ve also done a few samplings at Hackensack Street Festival, Dean’s Natural Foods and Big Bear Natural Foods. It’s such a happy moment when we get to meet people and talk to them about our beverage, eating healthy and exercise. The conversations get really interesting and we learn something new every time. We would like to sample in as many stores as possible, so look out for us at a local health food store near you. Can’t get to a store? Beth Christian from Jersey Bites did a review on Heart Juice: Check it out here.

Yesterday, we trekked through the rain to New Jersey Performing Arts Center to attend the NJ Social Entrepreneurship Summit:

“The purpose of this summit is to raise the profile of social entrepreneurship in New Jersey by bringing leaders of the social sector and entrepreneurs who address social and environmental problems in their businesses together to learn from and support one another.  We are particularly interested in bringing together leaders who are tackling these social and environmental issues in New Jersey and encouraging these social entrepreneurs or would-be social entrepreneurs to use innovative, sustainable, and profitable business ventures and social impact organizations as their vehicle for long-term change.”

It was such an inspiration to meet other social entrepreneurs that not only want to start a venture but also change the world for the better. The conference had 3 conversations with leaders in social entrepreneurship and 2 break out sessions: “So you want to be a social entrepreneur?” and “Show me the money”. Some of the key quotes I remember were, “You are not a great entrepreneur until you are a social entrepreneur.” and “Profits with a purpose”. We even had a chance to ask a question and received a good hearty applause from the audience.

Can’t wait until the next summit!

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  1. Inkwhy's comment is:

    What a great product! Great trying it out at the Rutgers Entrepreneurship Day, and congrats on winning the Best in Food Award!

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