Nov 16, 2011

On the Road

Heart Juice can now be found in close to 100 stores since launching 2 months ago. Getting these stores was not easy, but it was fun and exciting! After producing, we knew we had to get our product in front of the people and the only way to do that was to be on store shelves. We didn’t know of any better way to accomplish that goal so our plan was to visit as many stores as we can each day until we got tired.

Every night, we would target 30 to 35 stores to visit. The next day, we pack our Civics full of cases then hit the road by 7 am. We take the list we prepared the previous night and visit each store, traveling as much as 300 miles a day. In all our years growing up in New Jersey, we’ve never heard of some of the towns we found ourselves in. From Mullica Hills and Pitman to Frenchtown and Blairstown and Sparta, we got to see so much more of New Jersey in 1 day that we never saw in our 20+ years of living here.

Every day of the week for us is a Monday and we don’t return home until 8 or 9 pm. Sometimes, we find ourselves on the road so much we forget to eat! Fortunately, we’ve gotten a lot better at stopping throughout the day to give ourselves a break. When we would arrive at the next store on the list and it would be closed for the day, that’s when we knew it was time pack it up and head home. As far as successes go, if we signed 1 store that day, we considered it a successful day. Some days were a lot better than others for sure, so we take those good days to outweigh the bad.

Our visits in each town were short-lived since we were there for “business”; however, each place has left an impression on us. From Langhorne, PA to New York City and every New Jersey town in-between, there remained one constant: the people. In visiting so many towns and so many stores, we’ve had the pleasure to meet so many great people, too many to name in this post. We met people who share our vision and our passion to change the world. We enjoy talking with store owners and the customers of those stores.

Other than the American Heart Association, we’ve found that there really are no other organizations raising awareness for heart disease. We hope to change that by being the walking billboard. Hopefully by having our product on the shelves or in people’s hands, Heart Juice can serve as a constant reminder to eat and drink healthier. Each person we meet, we feel we’re raising heart disease awareness… and we’ve only just begun.

Here is an article written by Erica Lamberg of Home News Tribune:

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